Forging Strong Relationships

Full-Service Digital Marketing
& Creative Design

Marketers today are faced with a tough challenge: forging strong, lasting relationships with their customers. This has been a big marketing challenge for a long time, but the maturity of Internet communications and the emergence of mobile commerce has made building relationships with customers more challenging than any other time in history. These customers are inundated with choices and options. They respond more to suggestions from friends and other customers through ratings and referrals. Traditional marketing approaches no longer work. 

These customers insulate themselves from marketing by subscribing to services, joining clubs, and using apps and filters to allow preferred information in and to keep unwelcome information out.

For today’s marketer, the methods used to reach a customer are just as important as the messages used to influence that customer. That’s where Anvil & Hammer Agency steps in to help bridge the divide.



Strong relationships begin with a strong brand and a strong position, built specifically with your customers in mind.

Customers respond best to experiences that are crafted to feel right, feel familiar, feel… natural.


Like combining iron and carbon to make steel, combining the familiar with the surprising will draw in customers and capture their attention.


Digital smelting is a process that sifts out the golden opportunities from everything else in the digital world.


Forging strong bonds with customers requires quality craftsmanship and materials.

Moving customers to respond begins with pictures that stir their feelings, move their emotions, and motivate them to act.